Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Benefits of Green Tea and Honey

Benefits of green tea and honey, currently the increasingly popular green tea beverage is believed to provide many benefits for health. Nowadays, green tea is packed with a lot of different versions, but never in combination with sugar.

Ideally, green tea combined with the addition of honey to be more efficacious in health. Here are the health benefits of drinking green tea mixed with honey.

Green Tea and Honey

How to Drink Green Tea

Improve brain function

Caffeine is one of the compound in green tea, but when you add the honey will add vitaimin good for health. The presence of these two ingredients, honey and caffeine will improve concentration and brain response.

burn fat

Obese people mostly look for things that can help them reduce excess calories. The good news, drinking a cup of green tea combined with honey can help alleviate the amount of calories your body. This is because green tea increases metabolism in the body, reduce calories while honey acts. In addition, with this combination of fat oxidation increased approximately 17 percent. 

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