Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

Benefits of coconut water and lime

Benefits of coconut water and lime Lose Weight, coconut water has been shown to be able to lose weight. Coconut water is a balanced drinks low in fat is recommended for you who are on a diet.

Heart Health

It has been found that coconut water helps increase good cholesterol, HDL, blood circulation and prevent the formation of plaque. Thus, coconut water can reduce your risk of heart disease.


Not only healthy for the body but also for the beauty of the face. Coconut water can reduce the wrinkles on your face. The content of cytokines in coconut water can help cell growth and regulation. In addition, coconut water is also good to balance the ph levels and keep the skin moist.

Well, there are many benefits of coconut water huh ladies? Do not forget to drink coconut water every day yes

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